Main idea

.dot – Dedicated Organizational Training                                         cropped-dot_Logo_500x3502.png

The .dot-platform serves as medium for transferring knowledge and further education, and advanced training in the field of virtual collaboration. For this purpose the .dot-platform is the basis for most diverse qualities of sustainable acquisition and transfer of knowledge deriving from multinational and multicultural virtual collaborations.

Since 2012, different project groups of students in their 4th year of the study program “International Relations and Management” at the OTH Regensburg (University of Applied Sciences) under the supervision of Professor Dr. Markus Bresinsky fill the platform with their distinct projects.

The project series is about multinational, trans-organizational and intercultural collaboration. Processing of joint tasks and tackling problem statements in an international collaboration with input and participation of both experts and students is the main purpose. It aims to develop and train complex problem solving and management of analysis processes in a multinational, multicultural virtual context with the means of information and communication technologies and collaboration software.

Within the last years, the following projects have been implemented:

  • “Shared Situational Awareness Workshop” (2013/14)
  • “Joint Effort Ivakale” – training and collaboration in a fictive scenario on development cooperation with real partners in Ivakale/Kenia (2014/15)
  • »Joint Effort 2016: Virtual Multinational Exercise« “Improving the long-term prospects for potential migrants from Africa in their home countries through development cooperation” (2015/16)
  • “Big.dota Workshop 2017” (2016/17)

The workshop for 2019 “Joint Effort 2019: Virtual Collaboration on Cybersecurity” is currently being planned and will take place from 8.-9. February 2019.

The .dot-platform intends to function as a set of guidelines and conception for the implementation for future events. It enables good communication among the stakeholders and experts involved in order to allow them to exchange information and data.