Joint Effort Workshop 2019


The Joint Effort 2019 Workshop is part of a project series about multinational, trans-organizational and intercultural collaboration. The purpose is to tackle current problems and develop solutions through cooperation on a virtual level which allows to connect with scholars all around Europe. Input from experts in the thematic fields and research by the participating students support this task.

For this workshop, the topic of Critical Infrastructures and Cybersecurity is addressed. Critical infrastructures, which are essential for the functioning of our societies, nowadays, face the risk of cyberattacks due to the interconnectedness of processes and devices worldwide. Many attacks such as in with the cyberattack on the power grid in the Ukraine in 2015 or the computer worm Stuxnet in 2010 in Iran have happened already and Critical Infrastructures, especially, become more and more of interest for such attacks. In order to protect these infrastructures effectively, action by states as well as the European Union are demanded. However, knowledge about this up-to-date topic is yet still very low among scholars. That is why this workshop aims at creating awareness for students by providing expertise on Critical Infrastructures and their Cybersecurity including definitions on the terms, national and European legislation, incidents and European cooperation on the topic.

During the workshop the students will conduct research and present their results in academic style, increase their problem solving skills by actively participating in discussion with experts of an international context and improve their team working skills through virtual collaboration.

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