Project Team 2019

This year’s project team consists of 14 students.  All of us are enrolled in the Bachelor program “International Relations and Management” (IRM) at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg – Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg. Project coordinator is Prof. Dr. Markus Bresinsky, supported by Ms. Miriam Pöhner (IRM alumnus).

Project team 2019 (left to right): Fabiola Schwarz, Kai Weiß, Prof. Dr. Markus Bresinsky (coodinator), Silvana Ehrismann, Yunus Berndt*, Monja Rinderle, Sarah Peti, Berenike Vollmer, Felix Fröhlich, Miriam Pöhner (supporting coordinator), Johanna Achhammer, Sabrina Berzins, Theresa Grassl, Anna Klein, Isabell Kispert, Mariella Biegeler