Workshop Concept


In a joint effort, students are going to work at their home university and virtually with students from universities across Europe on the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity while training virtual competencies. Special focus will be put on the protection of critical infrastructures.

The two-day-workshop will start with an expert giving insights on cybersecurity and critical infrastructures. Following that, students will dive into the topic themselves and conduct research on the status quo in their home countries:  What laws and strategies concerning cybersecurity and critical infrastructure already exist? What are the regulative measures currently in place?

Once participants have an idea of the situation in their respective country, they will tackle the issue from a more practical approach, gathering information about a cyberattack that happened in their home country. With their newly gained insights, they will brief students from other universities and exchange information in a virtual conference.

On the second day, students will discuss possible challenges and opportunities for international cooperation that may arise in the future. The discussion in international virtual groups will be supported by experienced professionals. At the end of the workshop, the subject of discussion will be picked up in a concluding expert talk.


Main Objectives: