Didactical components

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


The GLOBE series creates an experience-based teaching and learning environment with a focus on action, problem and conflict orientation. The active participation in processes of problem solving and decision making has a didactically more intensive effect than classical seminar-based instruction.


The concept of the exercise is based on a role- and scenario-based simulation game lasting several days with comprehensive observation, evaluation and concluding individual reflection by the students themselves as well as external professional feedback to the students.


While both of these methods, simulation games and role playing have proven to be very effective and have already been extensively used in political science, especially in the discipline international relations and foreign policy, these simulation games only address the topics of virtual cooperation and digital technologies for leadership and decision-making processes to a limited extent or not at all.


Throughout preparation, implementation and evaluation of the exercise, students will be confronted with a variety of didactical components which ultimately benefit the desired main learning objectives experiencing the leadership process and virtual cooperation with focus on situational awareness and planning, as presented in the following figure.


globe learning objectives


Didactical components of the GLOBE exercise are


Application-oriented adaptation and coordination between digital tools and leadership and management methods

The basic construction of GLOBE allows for real organizations and missions to be mapped quickly and flexibly. This adaptability and scalability ensures the focus of the exercise not solely being education and training of key competencies, but also enables the development and testing of new digital tools and modified approaches to leadership, analysis and management concepts.


Reflection and feedback for the adaptation of leadership

A special feature of GLOBE is the possibility for the students to participate in the exercise several times in different roles. This makes it possible to gain several perspectives and insights into comparable processes, which in turn increases reflection and deepens practice-oriented learning. To make this possible, two types of accompanying seminars are offered.


External partners

As a multinational exercise and as an exercise of virtual cooperation, GLOBE is especially designed to integrate international groups of partner universities or partner organizations in a modular way. The network of partners now includes not only national and international universities, but also partner organizations from the field.


Role play

Role-players from practical experience are used on site or through virtual communication. This not only deepens experience-oriented and situation-based learning effects, but also forms an interface for trying out and developing new technological or organizational approaches for partners in practice.

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