Digitalization and Globalization determine growing interconnections of society, economy and politics with their functionally differentiated systems. The increasing complexity of organizational structures and processes affect living and working conditions at the same time. With ever developing digital tools and capabilities, skills such as digital communication and leadership of virtual teams are becoming particularly in demand.


The simulations of complex, socially and politically significant decision-making situations makes it possible to make realistic situations transparent and tangible in combination with the teaching of the interrelationships and decision-making consequences. (cf. Petrik and Rappenglück 2017, p. 19ff) In these simulations, participants can understand and experience dynamic processes. Due to different roles, they can take on a change of perspective and work interactively in a group to solve conflicts and deepen social skills. This form of self-directed learning with final learning transfer and feedback enables the students to actively grasp the processes and implement them sustainably when learning is repeated.


The GLOBE series is a simulation game lasting several days for the training of virtual and digital leadership, analysis and management skills in a complex, multinational structural and procedural organization for the leadership and coordination of an international humanitarian stabilization mission which is based on real crisis scenarios. The live simulation game will last 3 Days, each 6 hours, whereas the preparation, theoretical input and the feedback sessions are distributed throughout the whole semester before and after the live simulation.


First established in 2013 by Prof. Markus Bresinsky of the OTH Regensburg and the Fachhochschule des Bundes in Mannheim, the exercise takes part twice a year as part of the study program International Relations and Management in close collaboration with international partners.


Contact: florian.reusner@extern.oth-regensburg.de